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Neighbors And Neighbors Association (NANA)

Leroy Jones, Executive Director

Neighbors And Neighbors Association (NANA) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization established in 1995 to provide technical assistance to small ''mom and pop'' businesses throughout Miami-Dade County. Through the NANA Business Center, we provide customized serves to businesses in underserved communities.  NANA receives Miami-Dade County and City of Miami government funding to assist underserved communities throughout Miami-Dade County.


NANA's mission is to assist existing and startup businesses through various programs setup to stimulate the economy. The programs are designed to guide small businesses through government red tape by acting as technical advisors on various grant programs offered by Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami. And with government-sponsored loans NANA offers technical assistance to applicants.  The funded programs offered by NANA are included in this website.  Membership is simple and FREE.  Contact our staff for more information.  Use this site to find out more about our organization and the services we provide.




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Find out all about the nationally recognized Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program.


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Resources, the start-up business kit, news and tips relevant to South Florida small businesses.

The Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program

Mom & Pop ProgramThe Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program was created to provide financial and technical assistance to qualified small businesses that are approved for funding. This program has allowed small owned and operated businesses the opportunity to interact with local government under favorable conditions, and this relationship will ultimately bridge the gap between the two entities.


The program provides financial assistance to further the economic viability of recipients. Funding can be used to purchase equipment, supplies, advertising/marketing, inventory, building liability insurance, security systems and to make minor renovations.


Technical assistance is made available to small businesses in order to create a better working and business environment, promote economic development opportunities, educate owners about various county funded programs and projects, form/foster better working relationships among small business owners, retain and eventually create more jobs, offer the necessary training that small business owners so desperately need to become more efficient and competitive, etc.


The program has grown each year and is now being offered countywide. As a result, we recognize that the needs of each district are different and our goal is to address this diversity. In order to receive the correct guidelines and be considered for funding, you must apply in the commission district where your business is located. To locate your district, please call 311 or visit www.miamidade.gov on line and click on "Find a Service" and click on "Maps."


Applications and start date for each district may differ, therefore, please be sure to pick up the appropriate application.